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Commercial Cleaning

Let Us Customize A Quality Office Cleaning Program Specifically to Your Company’s Needs!


Sweep & mop or vacuum all floors and rugs, Clean all mirrors, baseboards, interior windows, windowsills, Dust all picture frames and lamp shades, Discard all rubbish, Disinfect telephones, keyboards, doorknobs, handles, light switches
Damp-wipe computer and tv screen, Brush sofa/lounge chairs in waiting area


The health and safety of your patients and premises are very important to us. At Clean and Care Services, we understand that clinical areas, waiting rooms, exam rooms, cafeterias and restrooms should be spotless clean. This will make a good impression on your patients, visitors and employees. There is no doubt that a dirty and a not well-organized healthcare environment will result in a poor impression. Our company offers comprehensive services that cover all aspects of the cleaning of dental or medical offices.


Competitive and affordable pricing
100% Satisfaction • Experienced and service orientated to meet your cleaning needs, Always on time and never rushing the job, Savings on equipment costs and maintenance, Uniformed staff, Communication


Wipe down all countertops
Clean and disinfect sink and toilet
Remove rubbish, Mop floor


Daily, weekly, monthly, or annual visits
7 days a week, in the morning, afternoon, evening and night


Let Us Customize A Quality Office Cleaning Program Specifically to Your Company’s Needs!

Office cleaning: Clean and Care Services Ltd provides a range of cleaning services, which ensure that all our clients can enjoy a work environment that is immaculately clean. Our staff members pay close attention to detail and are trained to work efficiently and thoroughly each and every time to help ensure client satisfaction is maintained. Our affordable quality office cleaning services are customised to any size business, small or large and are available day and night including weekends.
Whatever the size, style or age of your offices, we can provide an outstanding service that would reflects your own high standards. Above all, constant regular communication and scheduled inspection of all our contracts ensures the closest attention to detail, which means total customer satisfaction. We offer commercial cleaning services at affordable prices in Bournemouth and surrounding areas. Our office cleaning services are specifically tailored to suit your unique requirements and we work as per your schedule. All our cleaning services are fully insured and bonded. Clean and Care Services Ltd offer high quality and professional office cleaning services to ensure you are all set for that important client meeting.
Commercial offices require an added level of cleaning due to the many different products that they sell, store or manufacture. Many commercial buildings are high traffic areas with numerous customers tracking in and out at all hours of the day. Our commercial cleaning services are comprised of specialists in this field who know how to clean and maintain high traffic areas.
We have all the necessary cleaning resources available to clean these high traffic areas, and to sanitize them as well. Concrete floors, store entry area, storage areas, offices, bathrooms, and common areas will be kept clean and free of debris, spills and hazards at all times.
Maintaining a clean and healthy work environment is the backbone of every successful commercial business. By taking the time to research and choose the best cleaning company for your needs, you can ensure you are pleased with your selection. From general office cleaning, to the comprehensive requirements of cleaning restrooms, break rooms, and kitchens, professional cleaning companies handle a variety or responsibilities.
Some professional commercial cleaning services will only offer a daily cleaning services option. However, here at Clean and Care Services Ltd, we understand that you may not need commercial building cleaning every day. To offer the most convenience possible, we offer flexible cleaning schedules. With our flexible cleaning service, commercial companies can choose the cleaning options that are best suited to their needs. If you are looking for specialized office cleaning services in the Bournemouth and surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact us for an initial consultation and a free estimate. 


We choose a correct pad and cleaning solution for the buffing machine based on the type of floor that your business or house has. There’s a difference between linoleum, hardwood, and tile floors. We choose the cleaning solution and pad that’s ideal for your floors.  We apply a mixture of the cleaning solution and water liberally on the floor and begin cleaning the floor by moving the machine up and down in rows. Once the entire floor has been treated, we repeat the process as necessary on any remaining areas of the floor that still need extra treatment. The floor is dusted and mopped again after the floor is buffed to remove any dirty solution that was left on the floor. If necessary, a wet vacuum is used to clean up the dirty cleaning solution when extra amounts of it were used on the floors. If requested, a polishing pad is attached to the machine to create a very bright shine on the floor. Finally, if the client desires, wax can be stripped and re-applied. Floor wax is pretty durable and doesn’t need to be removed and reapplied every time the floor is buffed. Depending on the amount of traffic the floor endures, the normal timeframe for wax stripping is six months to one year.